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About Us

Interflex (UK) was established in June 1999 by Jim Ticcioni and Tony Eacott. Unfortunately, Tony passed away two years into their venture, Jim carried on with the business until his retirement in January, 2009. The company has moved forward with new faces and the same ideals.

Interflex (UK) is a small distributor into the UK and Ireland of Flexographic printing plates both solvent and water washable, Letterpress printing plates, specialised Cushion tapes and Hardmount tapes. Also, suppliers of Processing Equipment, Dry Film Systems, Pressroom Cleaning Products and more.

Interflex (UK) is based in Scotland, our experienced team with their knowledge of the industry, understanding customer requirements can provide a service tailor made to suit customer needs.

Interflex (UK) work hand in hand with our customers to achieve outstanding results from plates, tapes, processing equipment and pressroom cleaning products.