Cushion / Hardmount Tapes

Interflex supplies adhesive tapes for flexographic market.

Process overview

From a combination of the best performance adhesives and highly technical liners and carriers, we are able to supply new customised innovative products and solutions that comply with the most challenging industrial applications, such as: removable, repositionable, semi-permanent, permanent and ultra-permanent adhesive tapes. All conform to customers’ requirements and anticipated market demands.

Years of market experience, combined with a sound reputation, make Interflex an ideal partner for the most demanding, advanced and challenging enterprises. Interflex range of products includes technical adhesive tapes for application in the printing industry.

Mounting Tapes

Interflex offers a comprehensive range of plate mounting tapes, that meets all requirements faced in flexo and letterpress. All of these products have one thing in common: they ensure an excellent printing quality from process to solid printing, even on complex images.

Interflex rigid tapes

– Double sided mounting tapes
– Easy mounting and repositioning
– To bond plates on the printing cylinder
– To be used in combination with compressible sleeves
– For flexo and letterpress

Interflex cushion tapes

Interflex double-sided adhesive Cushion Mounting Tapes allow easy mounting and repositioning. No risk of air bubbles, simple and clean demounting even after long printing session. Due to the various compressibility grades an excellent printing quality from halftone to solid printing can be ensured.

Available in thicknesses 0.38 mm and 0.55 mm. (Other thicknesses available on request).

Interflex supplies a broad range of cushion mounting tapes. All products suit the highest demands of the flexographic printing industry, from label printing up to corrugated board.