Interflex Flexographic Plates

Flexographic/Letterpress Photopolymer Materials

Interflex supplies a variety of Photopolymer printing plate materials. These include Flexographic / letterpress and solvent wash Flexographic materials.

Afatech Water Wash Photopolymer Material.

Environmentally friendly Flexographic plate material available in 0.95mm (0.037”) up to 2.84mm (0.112”) thickness. Afatech is processed using warm water with a mild detergent additive no requirement for solvents to be used.

Press ready plates on around 30 minutes.

Compatible with water, solvent & UV based inks.

Letterpress Printing Plates

Toyobo are the pioneer of the letterpess water washable printing plate Prinitight®.

These are available in digital and analogue format, with multiple sizes available. There are many advantages for using the Toyobo Prinitight® , faster imaging process with the avoidance in using film, thus results in a highly consistent plate.

These are compatible with all CTP devices.